Hello 2017!! Introducing the WoArt Blog!

I meet so many amazing female artists, and feel there isn't enough sharing and support for each other and our work, so I have made it a goal of mine for 2017 to twice a month feature the work of other female artists that inspire me, who's work I love and want to help share with the world. I'll be doing mini interviews with them, asking about their practice, influences and goals. If I have the chance I'll do short videos with them as well at their studios, exhibitions and/or wherever we happen to meet! The goal is to create a space that is supportive of each other, that can be used as a resource to discover and find amazing talent and advice as artists in our own careers. 

This is a work in progress, so if there are questions YOU have and want answered, by all means, please share! I'd like this to be an interactive and supportive space, where ideas and grow and blossom and advice given and taken. 

Thanks everyone! 

Happy 2017!! 

To start us off on the right foot, I'm sharing a bit of the photo by artist Paola Kudacki, "Now Be Here #2", in 2016 taken at the Brooklyn Museum featuring all Brooklyn based female artists. I reached out to Paola's studio to see if she'd answer a couple questions, but I have not heard back yet....I won't give up though! For now, enjoy! 


Check out Paola's work here: http://www.paolakudacki.com/


Source: http://hyperallergic.com/332621/in-brookly...